Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter



Lucy has found her forever! And is a very happy girl!


Miloh finally made it out of the shelter along with another kitten that looked exactly  like him.  They now have a forever loving home.


Bella came in by animal control and had a litter of pups only two weeks after coming in. She had a bad aggression toward men. Her pups did not make it in the shelter but Bella did and made a complete turn around and is now a very happy dog that belongs to a young man that adopted her to take on hikes with him!


McGee is now in training to become a police dog right here in Lavonia! He was adopted by a very nice officer and his family and is now going to train him for his own partner.


Coolio is now a Therapy dog!  He actually has scoliosis and was at the shelter for a really long time because no one wanted to adopted him because of his back! We finally had one of our rescuers take him and find him a wonderful home in the big town of ATL. He is the beloved dog of a home nurse were she takes him to work everyday and he puts a smile on everyone face he meets!!


Ellie is doing wonderful. We kinda estimated her age which  put her birthday as Sept 16th.  We gave her a small vanilla pudding cup as one of her presents. And a new squeak toy.  At adoption she weighed 10 pounds 1 ounce. And now she hits the scales about 40 pounds.She is beyond smart. She loves to go for walks.


Benny loves his new forever home! He is a lucky boy!


Koda loves his new mommy in PA! When he was brought to the shelter he had a serious eye problem. His new mommy had it fixed once he was in PA! He loves his new loving home!

Jazzy & Ozy

Jazzy is happy living in the snow with her new brother Ozy! She lives in PA.


Mowhawk is now a happy resident in MA! He loves to play in the snow! His new mommy spoils him!


He was adopted May 3, 2008. The adopters say he has become a part of their family, and they are very happy with him!  

This is Zorrow/Miles now.....


He was adopted by a great person who really gives him the love he needs!!


Rocky is a bull masstiff pup! He was adopted by a nice couple. He now lives in Flordia!